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Mothercares Picnic Highchair
  • Mothercares-Picnic-Highchair
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Mothercares Picnic Highchair

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Mothercare's Picnic Highchair

Picnic Highchair At a Glance
Little ones will love the comfy feel and cute Teddy's Wash Day design of Mothercare's Picnic Highchair. The tray and seat are adjustable so they fit your child perfectly and the handy basket is great for storing wipes and toys.

Features and benefits for Mothercare Picnic Highchair - Teddy's Wash Day

Deep padded seat with Teddy's Wash Day design is comfy and cute – great for encouraging little bottoms to stay put
A 4-position removable tray and the 3 adjustable seat positions mean you can adjust the highchair to suit your child's size, also allowing the chair to grow with them
    A 5-point safety harness keeps wriggly little ones secure, giving you peace of mind and cutting out mess
    The large net storage basket underneath is ideal for keeping toys and wipes close to hand
    Suitable from 6 months
    Seat height: 68cm
    Unfolded: H82 x W58 x D101cm
    Folded: H92 x W58 x D41cm
    Weight: 6.3kg

Mothercare Loves...

The generous storage basket under the seat of this highchair, allowing you to keep baby's essentials and toys in.

Want To Know More?

Mothercare's Picnic Highchair is wonderfully comfy and soft to sit in, making it the perfect perch for your little one at mealtimes.

The deep padded seat comes with a cute, neutral coloured Teddy's Wash Day design so it will suit any setting. A large net basket below allows you to store toys and wipes, handy for storage, and ideal for keeping your little one happy and clean at mealtimes.

You can rest assured that your little one will be secure too, as the five-point safety harness keeps small bodies nice and snug. For great adaptability, the tray fits in four different positions to suit your child's size, and the seat has three settings so that your little one is comfy no matter what stage they're at. The highchair's versatility also means that it can be set up to suit your child as they grow, saving you having to buy extra equipment.

The tray can also be removed for thorough cleaning once mealtime is over and you can easily fold it away and pop it behind the door so your kitchen stays neat and tidy.


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